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Campus Radio Amsterdam will become HvA Campus Creators

Campus Radio Amsterdam will stop its services, but will resurrect in a new platform. Read all about it.

What’s happening?

This September, a new platform will release. It’s name will be ‘HvA Campus Creators’, a media platform that will be filled with student work and content created by a newly appointed student creator team. They will also make live radio- & tv-broadcasts for the local broadcaster SALTO. Work is still in progress to get everything in order for the launch.

Who are the creators? And for whom are they making it?

We’re currently still looking for AUAS-students for our student creator team. The site will not only be made by students, but also for students. Besides that, it is also a great way to build your own portfolio and share it with potential future employers.

What will happen to Campus Radio Amsterdam?

This site’s content will move to the new platform. All images of Campus Radio Amsterdam will be replaced with the new HvA Campus Creators images. All social channels have already changed name and avatar.

Why this name?

HvA Campus Creators is a brand of the AUAS (HvA). Its core service is the creation of students. We’ll start out the service with AV-content, but will focus on other types of content in the future as well. The name ‘Campus’ is directly in connection to the place where the content is made: the Amstelcampus at the heart of Amsterdam.

Powered by CO&CB?

HvA Campus Creators is a service for all the students of the AUAS, so all the students are welcome to use it. Our student creator team also consists of student with various backgrounds. HvA Campus Creators is an initiative of the HvA-courses Communication and Creative Business (the new name of Media, Information and Communication) that have the creation of content in their roots.

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